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With the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan, many of life’s oops, uh-ohs and oh-nos are covered. That means, if the worst happens to your device, we’ll make sure it gets fixed or replaced fast.

The Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan includes:

Coverage against

Accidental damage (including drops, spills, and cracks), mechanical/electrical failure after the manufacturer’s warranty or pre-owned product warranty expires, and loss and theft. A service fee/deductible applies for accidental damage (including unlimited smartphone screen-only repair and back-glass-only repair), loss and theft claims.

No-fee early upgrades for smartphones* and tablets

Upgrade to the latest device after 50% of your Spectrum financed device's has been paid.

Access to the Pocket Geek® Suite

Download the Pocket Geek® Mobile app and register to access your device protection benefits and other features, like unlimited live technical support, 50GB of secure backup, and Antivirus (for Android devices) and Wi-Fi security by Avast.
Also included in the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan is Pocket Geek® Privacy, the all-in-one solution that helps protect you hackers, spammers, and trackers. Visit to learn more.

For more details on limits and other restrictions for the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan, see FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

The Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan terms and conditions and all related communications will be delivered by email. See the Consent to Conduct Business Electronically Agreement. Your consent to electronic delivery is not required to obtain or renew any product or service provided by us. Paper copies may be requested by calling 1-877-875-4282.


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* The no-fee early upgrades benefit only applies to Android customers who are enrolled in a protection plan. Customers with Apple smartphones do not pay an upgrade fee regardless of protection plan enrollment.

Plan is provided by Federal Warranty Service Corporation in all states except CA, where it’s Sureway, Inc., FL, where it’s United Service Protection, Inc., and OK, where it’s Assurant Service Protection, Inc. All these companies operate under the trade name Assurant.