Pay Deductible & Complete Claim Form

Starting a Claim

How do I file a claim?

Our claims site will be the easiest way to file your claim. You may also call Assurant at 1-800-316-2075 and a Care Specialist will help you through the process. You’ll need the following information:

  • Your mobile number
  • Make and model of your device
  • Electronic Serial Number or IMEI
  • What happened to your device and the date it happened
  • Credit card, debit card or eCheck to cover the deductible

In all states, except NY, NJ, and CT, to file a claim for an incident that happened before July 1, 2019, visit Asurion at

In NY, NJ, and CT device protection for Metro PHP subscribers is administered by Asurion. You can visit them at for any claims-related assistance.

What if I can't find the serial number (IMEI) for my device?

Your 15-digit IMEI number is typically located underneath the battery but you can also check your device’s original packaging or purchase receipt. If your device is still working, dial *#06# to display the IMEI number. For some manufacturers it’s found in the settings. You can also call your mobile carrier to get it.

How many times can I file a claim?

You have access to a two-claim limit within a rolling 12-month period, based on the date of the first repair or replacement. Once the claim limit is reached, coverage is terminated. You can file a claim by going to or by calling Assurant at 1-800-316-2075.

How long do I have to file a claim?

We encourage you to file a claim as quickly as possible to minimize your downtime. Refer to your coverage documents for details on whether you must file a claim within a specified amount of time.

Why am I being asked to scan my ID?

Identity verification protects your identity and ensures that only an authorized individual is utilizing the benefits of the program.

I’m getting an error related to the quality of my ID Scan. I need help!

To complete the ID scan process, you’ll need to take a clear picture of your ID. Here are some useful tips!

  • Put your ID on a flat surface when taking the picture
  • Use a flat surface to provide some background contrast to the ID/document and ensure there’s a visible, darker border around the ID/document
  • Don’t angle your camera to avoid a skewed picture
  • Make sure all four edges and corners of the ID/document are clearly visible
  • Avoid glare and shadow on both the front of the ID and the barcode on the back
  • Aim for well-lit images (no flash), in sharp focus, and not rotated
  • Provide two images when loading a driver’s license; one for the front and one for the back. If you load the same image twice, we can’t verify the identification and it’ll delay your claim
  • Use the main page only when loading a passport, and make sure it’s a clear photo with the barcode included
  • Remember the file size should be less than 5MB

Note: If the image doesn’t follow these guidelines, we won’t be able to verify the identification and it’ll delay your claim.

What do I do if I can’t take a picture of my ID with my phone?

Borrow a friend’s or family member’s device or upload a previously saved picture of a Government Issued ID that adheres to the guidelines listed above.